How to Wire Landscape Lighting

Wiring Your System

There are a few main things to watch for when wiring a system.


·         In most residential applications, if you are under 20 lights and 250 feet of wire length you should be alright with any LED system.


·         Good connections make all the difference when setting up a lighting system. Home improvement stores typically use snap and pierce connectors in their lights. They are easy to install, but don’t offer the best protection from the elements which can lead to problems after only a few years. A better option we use are gel filled wire connection tubes. Once the wiring is connected, they are snapped into a tube with an insulating gel that protects from the elements far more effectively.


·         Last but not least is depth. Once you have secure connections in your wiring, you want to make sure to bury it so that it will not get chopped up by a mower or become a tripping hazard. Typically, 3-5 inches down is plenty to protect landscape lighting wire.