Timer Options for Landscape Lighting Systems


Now you probably don’t want to run your landscape lighting system 24/7 as you get very little benefit from having it on during the day. That is why we offer timer systems that plug right into your system to have your lights automatically turn on when you want them to in order to save energy and extend the life of your lights. There are a few options to choose from.

1)      ANALOG

·         This option is just a simple timer that you set to have your lights come on. Keep in mind days get shorter and longer so there will be some re-adjusting the timer to compensate for the seasons.


·         Solar cell detects when it is dark to automatically turn lights on. One thing to be aware of is if the area you are placing it is shaded as this may cause the lights to come on earlier than intended.


·         This timer uses geographical location to turn lights on and off when it gets dark.


·         This is the perfect option if you want to have an integrated lighting scene controlled from an app on your smartphone. You simply plug into existing transformer and you can change lighting controls and create pre-set lighting options for holidays and special events.