Landscape & LED Lighting Installs


Our Landscapes are lit

Adding lighting to a landscape allows you to enjoy the beauty of your yard day or night by extending your living space physically as well as visually. When key areas are lit, you can expand the boundaries of your home. Combined with our decorative landscape designs that incorporate many different materials and tones, you are sure to have a one of a kind landscape that will turn heads.

Highlighting different surfaces and textures can emphasize architectural elements. Creating shadows and warm glows in strategic locations of a structure can add contrast that wouldn't be possible with normal lighting. With a variety of fixtures from flood lights to wall washes, it is easy to create visually stunning outdoor experiences for both your landscape and home. 

At Briteside Landscapes, landscaping is our passion. Not only do we sell landscape lighting... we install it too - just for fun! It helps us get up close and personal with the products we sell.

Take a look at some of our previous projects and visit our Facebook page to get some inspiration for your own designs. 

Without lighting, you are only enjoying your landscape half the time. 

landscape lighing mulch
landscape lighting
softscape and lighting
paver construction
softscape curve
paver walkway
Landscape Lighting front of house
daylight landscape lighting
patio lighting
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boulder lighting

Visit our friends at these websites to catch up on the latest and greatest in landscape and lighting design and to get some inspiration. We’re here for you when you are ready to turn your dream design into a reality.

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