How to Install Landscape Lighting

LED Lighting Installation

When planning outdoor lighting install, it is important to view the area and determine which features are focal points you want to highlight. This can include landscape features trees, landscape beds, walkways, boulders, walls, and patios. However, you also want to consider surfaces of a structure and architectural features to highlight as well. A well placed up light can add a beautiful glow or shadow effect to stonework and columns and really make a home stand out adding beauty and value to a property.

There is no right or wrong way to plan a lighting project since it is all subjective based on the specific features and personal preferences someone might have. Different lights and techniques can add a desired effect, that when utilized correctly, can give you a design that extends your outdoor living space, adds a feeling or mood, casts shadows, or highlights features of your landscape. If you spend money on landscaping, you want to make sure you have a lighting design included otherwise you are only enjoying your landscape’s natural beauty half of the time.